A valued client recently experienced a 99.9% decrease in payroll errors, achieved 100% compliance with HR tax norms and saved 30% month-on-month costs with complete workforce visibility.
Empower your business with our mobile-enabled Human Capital, Payroll and Workforce Management services delivering real-time operational insights and on-the-go control for unprecedented workforce responsiveness.

We manage high-impact, people-centric hire-to-retire processes and help you connect the right talent with the right role.

We provide effective workforce management solutions to analyse and forecast workforce demands, assess gaps and create smart strategies to get the right people onboard.

We transform your payroll data into a valuable asset, enabling you to gain deep insights into your operations and make accurate labour cost forecasts across diverse work locations.
We align your HR capabilities with your changing business needs through tailored solutions, including support for new systems, modules and infrastructure, ensuring a seamless fit for your organisation.

We enable you to keep the focus on efficiency, effectiveness and compliance needs while providing guidance and best practices to manage crucial HR procedures.

Simplify time, leave and payroll administration. Boost workforce management and scheduling.

Who We Are

With offices in Australia, Singapore and India, t3People is a global provider of HR transformation services. We are committed to helping organisations like yours to focus on core business strategies while we combine our deep industry knowledge, and insights to facilitate and support the management of your entire HR portfolio in a way that builds great long-term employer-employee experiences.

We harness proven capabilities from workforce analytics to superior data-driven decision-making skills to empower your business to outperform the competition.

What We Do

We bring you specialised HR services through a dedicated, well-resourced and focused approach towards workforce solutions.

We help you get weaving on your priorities while we systematise your HR function in a manner that helps you hire right resources, manage your workforce better and retain existing talent while maintaining statutory compliance.

Why Human Resources as Managed Services (HRasMS)?

Often changing priorities of a business can overshadow an organisation’s in-house HR function. We ensure your HR remains agile at all times, stays relevant to your business and is equipped to support all critical processes related to your workforce.

t3People’s emphasis is on promoting a well-structured HR function for companies with firm footing as well as entities who think they ‘aren’t big yet’ or are still debating the need for in-house HR. Irrespective of the size of your operations, we are armed with the right solutions to execute / implement / handhold the most critical of HR processes including hiring and time / leave / payroll management.

We help you ensure all your resources, as well as job applicants, are treated fairly and in accordance with the law.

What you can achieve through t3People’s managed services

  • Standardisation of critical HR processes / practices / compliance design
  • Implementation and execution of payroll processes in sync with tax and compliance needs
  • Support for recruitment, performance management, employee engagement programmes with an emphasis on retention and building stronger work cultures
  • Support for software automation / HR technology initiatives ranging from a comprehensive Human Resources Management Solution (HRMS) to flexible point solutions tailored for your specific HR needs

How t3People is different from other HR managed services

  • Our interactions with clients lead us to quickly align with their goals and operational requirements.
  • We become your extended team and bring to you people qualified to help your organisation grow.
  • Our consultants leverage their extensive experience and industry know-how to match your HR needs.
  • We let our clients pose questions on talent acquisition – when, how, where, how many – an approach that helps us implement tailor-cut recruitment strategies. Whether you are on a look-out for a senior executive, a fresh graduate professional or a temporary resource to manage an unanticipated project requirement, we have got you covered.
  • Our services are designed to achieve cost, quality, efficiency, service and scalability benefits.

Services We Provide

HR Health Check

Gain valuable insights into your HR processes and ensure compliance with our expert HR health check managed services, designed for your peace of mind.


We don’t just manage a diverse range of workforce requirements; we help you re-imagine your talent supply chain by connecting you with the right talent.

Contract Generation

Streamline your contract generation and approval processes with our intuitive contract management services, designed for faster turnarounds and improved efficiency.


Accelerate your new-hire experience and optimise your onboarding process with our customised onboarding management services, designed for business success.

Timesheet & Attendance

Take the hassle out of managing employee timesheets and attendance with our expert timesheet management services, tailored to your business needs.

Leave Management

Effortlessly manage your employees’ leave requests with our streamlined leave management services, designed to simplify your HR processes.

Payroll Management

Streamline your payroll processes and ensure compliance with our reliable and accurate payroll managed services, designed to save you time and money.

Workforce Management

Transform your workforce management capabilities with t3People’s comprehensive services, maximising efficiency, compliance and employee satisfaction.

Workforce Scheduling

Empower your employees and enhance productivity with our mobile-friendly self-service scheduling services, designed to fit your unique business needs.

Exit Management

Ensure smooth and compliant employee exits with our comprehensive exit management services, designed to protect your company’s reputation and mitigate legal risks.