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How We Helped a Manufacturing Firm Automate HR Processes and Improve Efficiency for its Remote Factories

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With t3People, our client faced the challenge of managing a dispersed workforce head-on, achieving a remarkable 75% reduction in travel costs, and unlocking even more savings.

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How We Enhanced HR and Payroll Efficiency for a Pharmaceutical Firm

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t3People’s comprehensive HR and workforce management solution helped the client experience a 99.9% decrease in payroll disputes, ensure 100% compliance with HR tax norms, save 30% month-on-month costs and gain valuable insights into 360-degree workforce activities.

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How we made HR & Payroll processes a true-value generating engine

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t3People’s HR and payroll solutions and services boosted productivity and engagement, achieving 75% higher engagement, 100% HR compliance, and a 99.9% decrease in payroll disputes.

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How we gave wings to a startup by setting their payroll and HR on the right track

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t3People streamlined HR processes, simplified onboarding, optimised timesheets and payroll, resulting in enhanced service quality, improved finances and business growth for a startup client.

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How we helped a coffee chain win over both its staff and customers

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t3People revolutionised HR for a coffee chain, reducing payroll disputes by 99.9%, cutting attrition by 60%, ensuring 100% HR compliance, and enabling the addition of 50 new outlets.

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