Contract Generation

Streamline your contract generation process. Save time, reduce errors and compliance risks, lower costs and improve your capacity to close deals.

Streamline Contract Generation and Management with t3People

Every organisation has distinct components that shape their contract processes. t3People specialises in making the contract generation process more seamless for businesses. We assist companies in comprehending and breaking down this critical aspect of contract management by simplifying the process of generating contracts and employee agreements, minimising mistakes and ensuring compliance with all legal regulations.

Top Benefits of Contract Generation Services

Improved Efficiency: We can help you automate your contract generation and approval process. Eliminate the need to search for current templates, copying and pasting information and keeping track of contract versions and approvals.

Time Savings: Our team specilises in assessing possible bottlenecks in your contract generation process and helps you get on a system that allows your HR division to create contracts and agreements quickly and efficiently in a matter of minutes.

Lower Costs: Faster and more accurate contract generation results in lower expenses to execute and close deals. For businesses that create a high volume of contracts, these cost reductions can quickly add up to significant savings over time.

Improved Customer Experience: In today’s fast-paced business world, selected candidates expect quick, professional turnarounds and high-quality contracts and employee agreements. Lengthy wait times and errors can negatively impact your image as an employer brand.  Speed up the process, reduce errors and improve your new employee experience.

Improved Capacity to Close Deals: We help you create more contracts and close more deals without immediately requiring additional staff or overtime.

Accelerate the Contract Generation process

t3People enables a swift, accurate and consistent contract generation process not limited to customised contract templates or maintaining contract expiry analytics. Powered by T3 Workforce, this module comes with real advantages that allow users to:

  • Create reusable contract templates
  • Copy from MS Word and format using rich media
  • Insert smart fields wherever required
  • Generate automated email alerts prior to a contract expiry
  • Enable organic integration with onboarding
  • Create eligibility slabs and tables