Exit Management

We foster long-term work relationships for positive business outcomes and happier workplaces.

Understand Your Workplace with Smart Employee Retention Strategies

t3People’s employee retention services stem from its belief in creating high-retention workplaces and supporting strategies and processes to attract and retain top talent. With an eye on enhancing productivity, company culture and employee experience, we systematically address all workforce management challenges.

We enable companies to build stronger leave management systems that not only identify patterns in absenteeism and leave request management but also help them monitor and control issues related to overlapping requests, rejection trends and inconsistent time tracking methods.

We are committed to helping businesses control avoidable turnover expenses, knowledge loss while detangling the productivity spiral.

Leverage psychometric analysis for attrition control

Undetected employee burnout has been known to be a major cause of employee exits. t3People manages all workforce scheduling woes to ensure organisations can build a productive work culture while promoting in employees a sense of positive work-life balance.

We understand that calling a workforce a ‘family’ can have no real significance if processes within a system remain unfair or exploitative. Hence, t3People has been helping organisations break down clues that exiting employees often drop during offboarding / exit interviews. Using psychometrics, we enable organisations to:

  • Draw insights on the pulse of teams across locations
  • Investigate attrition patterns from unfiltered exit feedback
  • Analyse team efficiency under different leadership styles

Our employee retention services can align perfectly with our Timesheet & Attendance and Leave Management solutions to drive retention strategies that minimise voluntary employee turnover and unexpected roadblocks to your business.