HR & Payroll Managed Services for Small and Medium Businesses

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Do small businesses need HR & Payroll for business growth?

Independent surveys worldwide point towards the same challenges faced by small businesses:

  • Well over 50% of small business owners start out by managing HR activities internally
  • Approximately 40% of small business owners find bookkeeping and payroll compliance to be the most difficult part of owning a business
  • 43% of companies consider payroll inaccuracy as a reason to outsource payroll

Prepare for Shifting HR & Payroll Demands

There have been major discussions on the need for a proper HR & payroll set-up within small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Recent times have seen more and more new businesses outsourcing hire-to-retire processes or at least one part / section of their HR operations. The reason is simple.

In a post-pandemic scenario, the need to focus on your business’ key growth drivers becomes extremely important. It is not just a game of survival anymore. It is about protecting your dream.

You may have been busy. However, if you have been wrestling with HR and payroll issues, chances are your staff may have been busy but not productive.

Bring the Focus Back on Your Business

Some things are best left to the experts. Human Resources & Payroll is one such area.

Today, HR is one of the most analytical / problem-solving functions in business. It is no longer limited to administrative tasks. In fact, the role of HR today is measured by its ability to drive recruitment, employee well-being and retention while being a strategic partner in your company’s growth.

It would be risky to confuse that ability as mere understanding of key HR metrics / indicators. At t3People, we believe the real challenge for HR is to:

  • Provide the right workforce-related picture to key decision makers
  • Identify and drive the right standards to improve employee value, teamwork and performance
  • Strengthen reporting and compliance relevant to your business
  • Convert available employee data into insights

Not Feasible to Have a Full-sized HR Team Yet?

No problem! At t3People, we understand that while most small businesses recognise HR as a critical function, not all of them find it practical to maintain a full-sized HR team.

When a company is experiencing growth pains or cost pressures, setting up a team – for recruitment, workforce management and HR data / analytics – can be a commitment it may not be ready for.

Hence, t3People?

t3People’s service philosophy stems from its belief that right teams act as the key differentiator for successful businesses. Consequently, our comprehensive line-up of managed services spans from recruiting right to building strong HR processes that:

  • Maximise workplace productivity
  • Improve team coherence
  • Reduce hiring and onboarding costs
  • Support stronger leadership teams
  • Facilitate better management of project goals

t3People Services for SMBs

t3People’s HR & Payroll managed services are designed to cater to a wide range of industries including retail, manufacturing and healthcare.

HR Health Check

Gain valuable insights into your HR processes and ensure compliance with our expert HR health check managed services, designed for your peace of mind.

Contract Generation

Streamline your contract generation and approval processes with our intuitive contract management services, designed for faster turnarounds and improved efficiency.


Accelerate your new-hire experience and optimise your onboarding process with our customised onboarding management services, designed for business success.

Timesheet & Attendance

Take the hassle out of managing employee timesheets and attendance with our expert timesheet management services, tailored to your business needs.

Leave Management

Effortlessly manage your employees’ leave requests with our streamlined leave management services, designed to simplify your HR processes.

Payroll Management

Streamline your payroll processes and ensure compliance with our reliable and accurate payroll managed services, designed to save you time and money.

Workforce Management

Transform your workforce management capabilities with t3People’s comprehensive services, maximising efficiency, compliance and employee satisfaction.

Workforce Scheduling

Empower your employees and enhance productivity with our mobile-friendly self-service scheduling services, designed to fit your unique business needs.

Exit Management

Ensure smooth and compliant employee exits with our comprehensive exit management services, designed to protect your company’s reputation and mitigate legal risks.

Why t3People?

t3People comes with clear advantages that include:

Affordable Rates and a Flexible Model

t3People has a modular approach to HR & Payroll managed services that allows you to pay only for what you use.

Enhanced Productivity

We help your best resources to remain focused on your core business strategies without being distracted by repetitive HR tasks.

Compliance with Employment Laws

We ensure accuracy in record-keeping to avoid compliance issues and possible employer penalties.

Better Control

We help you save time and cost on vendor selection and coordination related to HR operations, technology, recruitment, training and other essential HR tasks.

Maintenance and Support

We deliver peace of mind through our team of experts that’s best qualified to address all your HR concerns, including processes / policies, software / hardware and compliance issues.