Leave Management

t3People helps organisations leverage accurate leave data, identify gaps in leave policies and seamlessly manage absences while steering clear of possible resource crunch and payroll processing errors.

Enhance Employee Engagement with Efficient Leave Management

Effective leave management can be a significant contributor towards enhancing an organisation’s employee engagement and compliance-related initiatives. As this process is intertwined with functions like timesheets, time tracking systems, workforce scheduling / forecasting and project allocation plans, the need for leave management to be fair, transparent and efficient becomes even more crucial.

t3People starts by drastically reducing the overhead time and costs that an unorganised leave management system often entails. As leave accrual and accounting is closely related to payroll, we ensure time-offs, leave of absence, approval / rejection workflows and exceptions are accurately captured while never losing sight of workforce productivity.

t3People’s leave management services are designed to support diverse leave structures across geographies with due regard to region-specific compliance needs and varying organisational policies.

Rule out Employee Disengagement with Accurate Leave Management

Even the best of leave management services can find it difficult to unburden HR from increasing employee queries surrounding leaves. Consequently, t3People lays significant emphasis on leave accrual and accounting by helping businesses of all sizes to stay updated on leave accruals.

We help companies keep a proper track of accumulated days off, leave requests and leave credits in a way that minimises human error.

Powered by T3 Workforce, our intelligent Leave Accrual & Accounting module enables:

  • Easy configuration of all leave types (accrual- and non-accrual-based)
  • Swift implementation of leave policies with accurate record-keeping
  • Setting up of leave requirements based on employee demographics
  • Prevention of recurring inaccuracies in leave accounting

Take a Step Towards Creating Better Employee Experiences

We help organisations identify patterns in absenteeism and leave request management by monitoring overlapping requests and rejection trends to strengthen your employee retention efforts.