We help you sharpen your leave management initiatives to facilitate enhanced employee experiences, improved efficiency and stronger compliance.

For employees to understand their value and role in propelling business growth, it is crucial for organisations to ensure transparency and fairness in formulating their human capital management processes. Certain routine procedures categorised under HR’s ‘administrative tasks’ often play a greater role in employee engagement and retention than most businesses give them credit for.

Accurate leave management is one such process; and companies, irrespective of their size, are beginning to acknowledge it as a task that goes beyond tracking, verifying and administering leaves of absence. In fact, a sharp leave management system can contribute significantly towards creating a culture of increased efficiency and trust while reducing workplace burnout and employee disengagement.

Say goodbye to irregularities in leave balances. Pass on the benefits of a strong leave management system to your employees and take a step towards building a happier workplace.

We ensure leave management hurdles do not impact your workforce scheduling or project timelines. Our leave management services capture all nuances of statutory requirements in a way that simplifies the implementation of a robust leave management system and brings the focus back on your business.

Trust t3People to help you:

  • Strengthen your current leave application tracking system
  • Minimise oversight related to leave schedules
  • Ensure accurate linkage between leave management and payroll systems
  • Minimise chances of inaccurate salary disbursements
  • Effectively communicate about leaves policies
  • Adhere to applicable laws, standards and industry practices

We are experts in managing diverse leave structures that complement varying geographical diversification strategies and regulatory compliance. Our superior leave accrual and accounting solution, powered by T3 Workforce, enables:

  • Easy configuration of all leave types (accrual- and non-accrual-based)
  • Swift implementation of leave policy with accurate record-keeping
  • Setting up of leave requirements based on employee demographics
  • Prevention of recurring inaccuracies in leave accounting
  • Identification of patterns in absenteeism and leave requests

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