Get the t3People onboarding advantage to help new hires ease into their roles and connect faster with YOUR brand of work culture.

Onboarding: Integrating New Hires into Your Organisation

t3People has extensive experience in creating smooth onboarding experiences by helping organisations manage all phases of the onboarding process including preboarding, orientation and transition to new roles, even in virtual work environments.

“Only 29% of new hires say they feel fully prepared and supported to excel in their role after their onboarding experience.”

– Gallup Survey

Why Standardising Your Onboarding Process is Important

A smart onboarding strategy can help organisations to create that critical first impression and connect new hires faster to their new workplace. A well-thought-out onboarding process not only simplifies paperwork and compliance requirements but also minimises HR’s mundane, repetitive onboarding tasks.

t3People Advantage

  • Tap into the expertise of professionals who specialise in Contract Generation & Onboarding
  • Improve the quality and consistency of your onboarding programmes
  • Eliminate the need to invest in hiring / training additional staff to manage the process
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements
  • Leverage industry-leading HR technology to simplify your contract generation / employee agreement process
  • Reduce onboarding discomfort and facilitate employees to adjust to their new roles faster

T3 Workforce Edge

t3People’s onboarding and contract generation module is powered by T3 Workforce, our in-house HR & workforce management platform, the only one in the market with superior Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to drive greater business value.

The onboarding module allows organisations to:

  • Build customised onboarding checklists
  • Manage new arrivals / set date and venue
  • Set up internal onboarding tasks
  • Enable complete paperwork requirements
  • Enable self service check-in dashboard
  • Complete and store employee forms / documents
  • Update personal and contact details
  • Update previous employment information

t3People is equipped to train new hires in foreign countries to understand and assimilate cultural practices pertaining to businesses in a way that lays the foundation for long-term work relationships.