Global Recruitment

Get a foothold in talent communities that matter to your business. Leverage an expanded talent pool to create a strong brand presence across the world.

Global Recruitment

Explore promising career prospects through placements and collaboration in India and Australia, two of the most robust economies across the globe.

t3People for Business

We are committed to facilitating your international recruitment strategies of any scale or structure. We help you explore diverse job markets to identify unique skill sets and form the ideal team to drive your business plan.

Whether you are looking to harness regional expertise to address your changing business demands, building a strong international team or developing a virtual workforce, we have the proficiency and reach to onboard the right candidates for you in keeping with compounding regulatory and compliance requirements.

t3People for Specialised Professionals

Explore opportunities within India and Australia. Train in workplace-based occupational skill sets to take on the challenges of a global workforce. Learn about Australia’s non-discriminatory selection criterion and immigration procedures. t3People has extensive expertise in end-to-end management of talent sourcing, hiring and orienting talent.

We are specialists in the sourcing and selection of:

  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Allied Health
    1. Nursing Services
    2. Aged care

We simplify your talent acquisition needs by managing your recruitment, training & certification, placement, visa services and all corresponding HR compliances for international employees.

Trust t3People to:

  • Review options for international hires
  • Recruit employees of all types (independent / contractual / temporary / permanent)
  • Support global staffing needs for businesses of all sizes, including start-ups
  • Facilitate clear, transparent agreements in compliance with local laws

t3People Advantage

Cost-Effective Talent Acquisition

Offload HR’s global staffing burden and connect faster and more effectively with the best candidates to accomplish your business’ international goals.

Focus On Long-Term HR Plans

Spot the finest prospects with zero risk, irrespective of their location, and hire faster to support your scalable marketing strategies.

Set Up Off-Shore Offices

Explore viable solutions to establish your off-shore presence with a virtual workforce / workplace.

Attract And Retain Talent From Across The Globe

Identify, nurture and retain top talent capable of aiding your expansion plans while leveraging the cross-cultural advantage to derive unique insights into diverse markets.