Permanent Recruitment

Get the t3People advantage of extended reach, high-quality applicants and faster, smoother hiring processes.

We combine HR expertise with new technology and business intelligence to help you hire the right candidates in half the time. The t3People network is dedicated to helping companies find highly qualified profiles for long-term staff positions.

We are specialists in the sourcing and selection of:

  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Allied Health
    1. Nursing Services
    2. Aged care

t3People helps you zoom in on professionals with the right skills and experience in sync with your long-term recruitment perspective. Identify and recruit candidates handpicked for your specific growth initiatives.

Let your successful hires help you enhance your brand as an employer and promote your company culture in a way that attracts great talent.

Why Permanent Positions Can be Advantageous

Permanent recruitment enhances employee loyalty and creates a sense of belonging. Promote a positive organisational culture and improve your overall employee retention rate.

Our permanent recruitment strategy involves:

  • Identifying your needs and focusing on precise job descriptions that can appropriately summarise the roles and responsibilities
  • Creating a plan to get the word out on current openings as swiftly and efficiently as possible
  • Maximising your automation needs to keep better track of job listings
  • Enabling data-driven decision to monitor applicant / interviewee numbers, location of applicants and other related details
  • Facilitating effective employee referral programmes
  • Identifying top-tier candidates and giving employers time to strategise on nurturing relationships with potential hires

Emerge stronger as a clear employer brand:

  • Leverage our vast resource pool to connect with the best talent
  • Stay ahead of competition by putting our network of connections to your advantage
    Locate candidates with hard-to-find skills
  • Get to people with the right mix of skills, passion and corresponding career aspirations