Timesheet & Attendance

With significant expertise in enforcing fair and transparent time and attendance policies, t3People works closely with organisations to enhance productivity and optimise workforces.

Nurturing Trust and Confidence in Workplaces

We facilitate positive work cultures with an emphasis on clean, straightforward time and attendance administration right from tracking work hours to managing employee schedules, salaries / wages, overtime and withholdings for payroll, and all other related processes.

We understand the importance of a strong time & attendance policy; and help organisations to improve efficiency at the workplace by preventing confusions in schedules, inaccuracies in timesheets and inadvertent errors in time tracking and reporting.

Join hands with t3People to:

  • Design / redesign your time and attendance policy
  • Align time tracking and scheduling / planning with HR management
  • Minimise schedule creation time
  • Expedite the timesheet creation and approval process
  • Prevent burnout from excessive overtime
  • Capture clock-ins and clock-outs accurately (including remote punches)
  • Improve productivity and efficiency of virtual and offshore employees
  • Adhere to local / international workforce laws

We are specialised in reducing HR’s administrative burden through configurable time management modules corresponding to your current and future workforce demands.

Automate work time rules, timesheet generation and project deployment

With our in-house technology partner, T3 Workforce, t3People helps organisations auto capture precise work hours, adjust exceptions and interpretable shortfalls in employee hours. Generate ultraprecise timesheets in the blink of an eye.

Manage diverse work schedules

We have the best people and the right tools to support flexible work arrangements through modules that allow:

  • Creation of FTE-based work schedules
  • Management of multi-shift operation demands
  • Assignment and management of weekly offs in 7-day shifts
  • Integration of leave accruals with work schedules
  • Integration of work schedules and timesheet advantages