Challenge or Problem?

The real challenge for any small- and mid-sized manufacturing company is having to compete with the big players in the market. Trouble creeps in when that challenge turns into a struggle with parallel pressures of optimising operating costs, controlling high attrition rates and sourcing / management of skilled manpower.


Independent surveys conducted worldwide indicate the following:

  • Well over 50% of small business owners start out by managing HR activities internally
  • Approximately 40% of small business owners find bookkeeping and payroll compliance to be the most difficult part of owning a business
  • 43% of companies consider payroll inaccuracy as a reason to outsource payroll

Avoid Adding Further Risks to Your Business

Companies that try to internally manage crucial functions like human resources, time & attendance, rostering, scheduling and payroll often end up adding more risks to the business. The reason is newer entities that set out to manage HR, payroll and workforce – without dedicated industry professionals for each of those functions – often get caught up in process / system complexities, scaling / integration issues and compliance demands.

Significance of Managed Services

It is, therefore, universally accepted that to stay ahead in business, companies need to sustain a consistently superior level of performance that can only be possible with a skilled, industry-ready team like t3People (powered by T3) that is qualified to handle every aspect of the HR, payroll and workforce management portfolio.

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