Prateek Chaudhary, Director at Daffodills Pharmaceutical Ltd, refers to t3People as a ‘one-stop,’ full-spectrum partner for all HR operations and payroll-related challenges. Recently, our team had the privilege of sitting down with him to delve deeper into his experience with HR managed services and t3People’s unique approach. In this interview, we explore the transformation of HR processes, the evolution of Daffodills’ workforce management and the invaluable insights gained from this partnership. Join us as we journey through the world of HR services and solutions, and discover how leaders like Prateek are confidently harnessing new technology and joining hands with t3People to redefine their workforce management landscape.

What challenges led Daffodills to consider a partnership with t3People?

Before discovering t3People’s services, at Daffodills, we were grappling with a set of issues. As a pharmaceutical manufacturing firm, we were in dire need of a comprehensive HR and workforce management solution. Our reliance on manual processes for time and attendance tracking, leave management and payroll posed significant challenges. Inaccuracies, delays and administrative burdens were prevalent due to manual data entry, hindering the maintenance of precise records and timely payroll processing. Moreover, the time-consuming nature of these manual tasks drained valuable resources and prevented us from focusing on strategic HR initiatives and core business activities.

That sounds challenging indeed. How did things change after t3People started supporting your processes?

First up, the transformative impact of t3People’s services was evident from Day 1. Not only did the team solve our payroll issues, but they eradicated them completely. With their support, Daffodills eliminated manual errors and inefficiencies, providing us with accurate and timely payroll processing. It has been a game-changer for our organisation.

What specific benefits or capabilities of t3People’s services do you find most valuable?

We find several aspects of t3People’s services highly valuable for entities like ours:

Comprehensive HR and Workforce Management Services: t3People’s in-house modules, powered by t3 Workforce, offers a comprehensive suite of HR and workforce management services tailored to meet our specific needs.

Automated Time and Attendance Tracking: For the first time, we have the support of a system that can seamlessly capture employee working hours, eliminate inaccuracies and ensure precise time & attendance records.

Streamlined Leave Management: t3 has simplified our leave management process by offering a centralised system, reducing administrative burdens and improving accuracy.

Accurate and Timely Payroll Processing: Automated calculations and integration with attendance and leave data has helped eliminate errors, payroll issues and delays in payroll processing.

Seamless Mobile Access: T3’s mobility-driven capabilities allow our managers to handle HR tasks on the go, improving accessibility and efficiency.

What stood out to you the most about t3People’s services?

Several aspects stood out. We would like to mention:

Swift and Seamless Implementation: The transition to t3People’s services was remarkably smooth.

Exceptional Day-to-Day Support: We have received outstanding support from t3People throughout our partnership.

Hassle-Free Payroll Management: Our payroll process has become much smoother and hassle-free.

Enhanced Punctuality and Attendance: Through automation, we’ve achieved remarkable improvements in punctuality and attendance tracking. As a valuable addition, our control over facility access has been significantly fortified, providing us with a comprehensive view of individuals entering and exiting, thereby bolstering our security measures.

Cost Savings and Tailored Solutions for SMEs: We experienced significant cost savings and appreciated T3’s tailored solutions for SMEs.

Can you share any specific numbers or outcomes that Daffodills achieved with t3People?

The above should serve well to give you an idea of the difference the partnership has created for our operations. However, 99.9% decrease in payroll issues, 100% compliance with HR and tax norms, a 30% month-on-month cost saving and 360-degree workforce activity could be numbers that you may find interesting.

How do you feel about t3People’s current efforts in expanding our partnership programme in India and Australia, and how does this contribute to your confidence in us as a provider?

We are impressed by t3People’s swift efforts to expand its partnership programme in India and Australia. The company’s dedication to improving resource allocation, SOW tracking and embracing intelligent automation is evident. It reflects a commitment to redefine HR services and stay at the forefront of innovation. t3People’s active presence in relevant forums and forward-thinking approach enhance our confidence in the team as our trusted provider. We believe the team will continue to add significant value to our HR and workforce management journey.